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Tell us your problem and together, we'll find a solution. We'll work with you to find the lowest cost, optimal solution to cover your current and future needs.

Who are we?

Bountiful Tech Co. Ltd.(BTCL) takes delight in seeing you smile to the core where we open up a New, Innovative, and Total Solutions cyber space super service and product avenue for your total satisfaction.

We promote the factor that quality service and quality productions are necessary and vital for a quality society. Regardless of the sector or size, BTCL can provide the IT expertise, experience and relationships to deliver what organizations need to succeed today and tomorrow. Tell us your problem and let's get you the solution": This is what we stand for because at BTCL it's all cutting edge and total solution provided for you.

  • 24/7 business class support.
  • Customized & individualized consultation.
  • IT solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Extended updates & support.
  • Satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

How we do it?

Our products help many Insurance companies around Take some time and check out our "one-stop" web Innovative Ideas that we are implementing according to your desire. We definitely provide you with total expertise both in-house and outsourced with a passionate principle of getting you totally satisfied and attain the maximum out of being our customer.

. Support and maintenance cover can prove vital to keep your hardware and software running smoothly. Proactive and preventive maintenance will ensure unforeseen problems are reduced helping you and your stuff work efficiency. We can plan and install the infrastructure you require and also supply and install routers, firewalls and network switches.

When we serve you, we serve you with the best!

We provide services and solutions for small to medium size businesses that require dependable IT solutions, but find the cost of acquiring or maintaining it themselves to be exorbitant.

We are your IT services provider, specializing in Commercial Printing Services, Professional IT Consultancy, Corporate Training, IT System Auditing, Software and Network Solutions, and more. We have completed numerous hardware and software implementation projects.

BTCL has a team of outstanding professionals in their fields, and our comprehensive services will assist you in developing your organization’s performance capabilities. We work with our clients in a simple and highly effective manner to understand and identify primary needs within their organizations.


Years of Experience

Nine years of providing meaningful solutions to businesses around the world.

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